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The Happy Concert

The Happy Concert

The Happy Concert is a concept developed during the last five years by Mikael Hermansson, while performing with 5 different philharmonic orchestras in Sweden and Denmark. It is a interplay between the music and the visual expression. The clown, the conductor and te orchestra are acting together making a little silent story for each piece of music. The stories are in harmony with the music expressing different feelings from it. Between the pieces, the interaction and conversation, of the clown and the conductor, combines the pieces to a continuos concert.

Mikael Hermansson has written the stories and has directed the conductor and the orchestra in their visual performance, and finally, as the clown, performed the major visual part.

These concerts have been a great succes and thousands of children have enjoyed the music and the clown.

The Happy Concert is for children and families. It has been performed by:
Odense Philharmonic Orchestra, Denmark (21 times)
Malmö Philharmonic Orchestra, Sweden (2 times)
Norrköping Philharm. Orchestra, Sweden (9 times)
Randers City Orchestra, Denmark (2 times)
Aalborg Philharmonic Orchestra, Denmark (8 times)

happyconcerttrumpet01The Happy Concert music:
Julius Fucik: Entry of the Gladiators
Benjamin Britten : parts from Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra
Albert Ketèlbey: Persian Market
John Williams: Star Wars Main Theme
Johannes Brahms: Hungarian Dance no. 5
Edward Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite no. 1: Morgenstimmung
Johan Strauss: Radetzky Marsc

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