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The Original Danish Polcalypso Orchestra

The Original Danish Polcalypso Orchestra


Long time age Denmark possesed three small islands in the Carribean, St.Croix, St.Thomas and St.John. The islands were sold to the USA in 1917, but when the danes left the islands they left something behind: - the MUSIC. Even today it is possible to hear reminicences of danish music there, but something strange has happened to it. lt has fusioned with the local Calypso-rhytms in a quite unique way, creating a brand new style only to be named POLCALYPSO (Polca + Calypso = Polcalypso)

Polcalypso in Danish


In 1988 bandleader Kazio Kierpaul coincidently dropped over this music, and being heavily inspired he formed the band Karlekammeret - the Original Danish Polcalypso Orchestra and introduced the music to Europe.

Since then the band have performed on all kinds of stages in Europe and the Carribean, and has been broadcastet by more than 500 radio-stations in Europe and America.

In the Caribbean the groups first album was played by the WSTA radiostation on St. Thomas and as a result of that the band was invitet to perform on the islands in the spring of 1992.

In 1994, the band was invited to perform at the carnival of St.Croix, Virgin Islands, and 15 concerts was made during 14 days In 1995 the bands third album, POLCALYPSO III, was recognized as number 30 on the european top-100 charts. Later that year the band was visited by Mr.James "Jamesie" Brewsterfrom St.Thomas, - The Grand Old Man of Polcalypso-music - and the danish radio made live-recordings of this event.

"Exotic" music from the old coionys in the Carribbean sounding very well known. An echo uf the former colony dancing-halls, pertormed in a most contempo,ary way by the Original Danish Polcalypso Orchestra. Taking the listener on new West lndian adventures, waking up long forgotten desires and stimulating the feet for dancing



  • POLCALYPSO 1989 (Olga LP/MC 89045)
  • POLCALYPSO II 1991 (Olga CD/LP/MC 91055)
  • POLCALYPSO III 1994 (CCR CD/MC 94001)

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