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Ash Plant have built up a reputation as strong, exciting performers of Irish traditional music, and their ever - growing repertoire also features a lot of traditional Danish material as well as original compositions.Ash Plant was founded in 1981 and is still going strong.

The present line-up is: Peter Sørensen and Martin O'Hare, both original members, Henrik Bjørslev, Joakim Friis-Holm, and Kevin Horan, all former members of Harp'n'Drum, who were also active in the early ´80´s. The group is based in Copenhagen and tour Europe regularly.

Highlighted venues include:

Belfast Folk Festival - Dublin Irish Music Festival - Cork Folk Festival - Shetland Folk Festival - Kaustinen Folk Music Festival - Helsinki Irish Festival - Umeå Folk Festival - Jazz & Blues All Star Festival Skeppsholmen Stockholm - Stockholm Irish Festival - Mosebacke Jazz Club - Göteborg Irish Festival - Lund Irish Festival - Musik i Dalarna - Musik i Skåne - Musik & Ungdom - Hillerød Slotsfestival - Roskilde Rock Festival - Strib Vinter Vise Festival - Tønder Folk Festival - Tarm Festival - Brædstrup Festival - Tunø Festival - Copenhagen Irish Festival - Cosmopolite Oslo - Barbican Centre - Scandinavian Festival London - Oslo Irish Festival - Odense Folk Festival.

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Ash Plant can now be booked with 2 Irish Step Dancers Marianne Green & Miriam Switek


Martin O'Hare (Bodhran & Bones)

Born in Belfast 1960. I was first introduced to Irish music in the mid-seventies. I played various instruments but finally settled for the bodhran. I played with different bands up until I left school. I came to Denmark late in ´81 and joined Ash Plant shortly after. Besides playing with Ash Plant I have also been privileged to play with a number of great Irish musicians, such as Mary Bergin, Tony MacMahon, Gerry O'Connor, Mairtin O'Connor, Desi Wilkinson, and Ronan Browne. In recent years I have also joined an Irish based band, Lá Lugh, with whom I tour regularly. Just to make sure I'm kept busy, I'm also very much involved in organising the annual Copenhagen Irish Festival.

Peter Sørensen (Fiddle)

I was introduced to fiddle playing by a friend, Jens Hansen, a great enthusiast of traditional Danish music. That was around 1973. Recordings of Danish music were scarce, and we listened to music from other countries. Irish music gained special attention, and another friend, John Brennan, introduced me to a lot of tunes, recordings, and above all his father, John Brennan Sr. (R.I.P.), veteran flute player from Ballymote, Co. Sligo. Meeting and listening to old John and many of his musical friends resulted in nearly total surrender to Irish music. Only nearly, because over the years I have played in a few bands concentrating on Danish music, as well as playing solo for traditional Danish dancers.

Henrik Bjørslev (Flute, fife, tin whistle)

At high-school I became a member of a band playing traditional Scottish and Irish music, but after beginning to study at The Music Conservatory of Copenhagen, classical flute playing took over ever more of my time. Watching a TV programme featuring the Irish flute player Matt Molloy, my interest in Irish music grew very strong, and in 1981 I was asked to join the group Harp'n'Drum. Later I played a large number of school concerts in the trio, Carolan's Welcome, with various Irish pipers such as Jimmy O'Brien-Moran, Ronan Browne, Sean McKiernan, and Liam O'Flynn. Since 1988 I've been a member of Ash Plant as well. Simultaneously I have composed music for films and slide shows and I also have a small recording studio where I have recorded mainly traditional music with various groups and musicians.

Kevin Horan (Vocals & guitar)

I was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1950. At secondary school, Saturday mornings were spent in singing class. Undaunted by this, in my early teens I sang in a blues group. The feeling expressed in the music was enchanting to me. Later, I discovered a similar feeling in many of our own songs and melodies. Sometime around 1969, I started to collect and sing Irish songs. My repertoire was already sizeable, as my parents were always singing about the house.

Joakim Friis-Holm (Irish harp & bouzouki)

Throughout my life, music has always been a close companion: As a boy scout I played in the brass band, in school I played in a "Jimmy Shand" type of dance band, and later at the music conservatory, classical music was the only thing on the agenda. Throughout the years I have been playing guitar, harp, and bouzouki. Even today, having played as a busker, theatre musician, studio musician, soloist, and in several bands, the harp and the bouzouki are still my main instrument. Lately, as well as pulling harp strings, I have been pulling pints in a traditional music café in Copenhagen, of which I'm the co-owner.


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