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Traditional and new Dynamic Danish Folk Music.


Today Lang Linken, the danish folk music group, are the ones who carry the most expenence. At full speed the Trio in 2000 pass their 30 th. anniversary.

In the summer 1997 Lang Linken published their latest CD called LYST ( english: delight). The national newspaper Jyllandsposten wrote: ' .... the joy of playing is the real force in all sorts of folk-music. And the joy of playing is shining out of this CD, so it is a great delight. So the title is promising not too much. Of course joy of playing is not enough, you have to be a goodmusician, and here the joy of playing is combined with great professional skill. A fantastic CD with high spirits and they are even better live!"

FOLK ROOTS (European folkmusic magazin) wrote: ,Lang Linken have been together a long time -28 years, actually- which might suggest tiredness and stiffness would have set in by now, but far from it - the band's in its prime.

In the early 70 ´es Lang Linken started being a group among those young ones who learned from the old traditional fiddlers, musicians and female singers. Today Lang Linken stand as one of the links between young musicians and the original traditional Danish folk music. From being apprentices and the old ones like Evald Thomsen, Ingeborg Munch, the Tinus brothers and many others till being a kind of 'those old ones' themselves, have been, to put it mildly, action-filled and developing.

A principal of a folk high school in jutland, several times exposed to Lang Linken, wrote afterwards: 'At all these occasians their work has been characteristic of a genuine engagement, great skill and love for Danish folk music. Also their strong personalities, good spirits and humour can be added. All in all they are the best intermediaries of the tradition one can ever imagine !

The craft, the art, the tunes, the stories, the songs, the humour, the knack of dancing, te striking power have developed all the time. Today as a dance-orchestra Lang Linken have a skill which is unique in Danish folk music. Basis is the old masters, but Lang Linken have added both their personality, new tunes and progress, which make both the small half-an-hour dance and the big 4-hour ball something special. After a tremendous Copenhagen-Ball a participant wrote in Copenhagen Folk music house News:

' Even if I´ve known them for 12 years now, I never get tired of them. There was a good mood and we were many who were not off te floor the whole evening and as a dancer you really feel that there is a good contact between musicians and dancers. Ive never experienced a ball with them were they haven't brought out something new and this time it was a number for two common pipes and song.!

Lang Linken have allways felt for and loved making concerts either solely or as a part of a more composed programme. Folkmusic as Lang Linken learned it and developed it has allways included songs, stories, and telling tunes pictures from life itself, happy and serious carried along by a charming humour. Old and new in a fertile mixture. Having experienced the Trio a couple of times a concert organizer from Funen wrote: 'Lang Linken effect and interpret the old tradition alive and kicking and are always capable of establishing direct contacet with their audience who, in that way, get what they´ve paid for, namely a musical experience with virtuoso, cheerful, shameless, beatiful, serios and genuine folk music.'

Almost everywhere in Denmark Lang Linken played at balls, concerts, short workshops, week-long folk music high school, courses, TV and radio broadcasts, kindergartens, festivals ect. Since 1976 Lang Linken have been a demanded orchestra abroad: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Holland, France, Latvia, Korea, Canada and USA. In may 96, after the tour to the Orkney Folkmusic Festival, the local paper The Orcadion wrote: 'Lang Linken, the Danish trio, are full of fun and play fast Scandinavian tunes brilliantly . Lang Linken have captivated the hearts of te festival-goers, with their music and humour. They finished to thunderous applause. "

Through the years passed Lang Linken have been promotors af many new and remarkable overtures. Within the latest years Lang Linken have carried out the following new creations: the re-introduction of the bagpipe, the hurdy gurdy and the two-rowed accodion into Danish folkmusic, FIONIA (a 30-men folkmusic bigband on Funen ), opened up the municipal music-schools, of Funen for Danish fiddler-music, Danish Dia Delight, PULS and Harpens Kraft. When Lang Linken in 1995 as the first folk music orchestra received te Music-award of the county of Funen it was 'for their great effort of encouraging a flourishing fiddlers-environment on Funen through performing in a long row of orchestras, but also as composers, organizers and teachers.'

A Folk Music Education has for the first time started in Denmark at Carl Nielsen Academy of Music. Lang Linken are teachers, and coordinating the education.

Lang Linken are a trio who are:

Keld Nørgaard (b. 52) violin, piano, bagpipe, song w.m. Keld Nørgaard is considered the best composer within Danish folkmusic. Plays a lot of instruments from banknotes, and plastic-bags till the above mentioned. As an instrumentbuilder Keld Nørgaard is known to be the improver of the Danish edition of the Nordic bagpipe-model. Keld Nørgaard is bandmaster and organizer in the folkmusic band FIONIA and also plays in the group"Harpens Kraft" (The Power of the Harp).

Carl Erik Lundgaard (b. 47 ) diatonic and chromatic accordion, song. Carl Erik Lundgaard is one of the few full-time professional, Danish folk-musicians, which also includes the work as a composer and organizer. In 1996 he received the award 'Folkmusician of the Year in Denmark" from Radio Denmark and the Skagen Festival ' as an appreciation of a unique effort of continuing, renewing and spreading the knowledge af the Nordicfolk- and fiddlermusic.' Carl Erik Lundgaard also plays in Danish Dia Delight and PULS and others. Teatches accordion at the folk music department at Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense, Denmark.

Poul Lendal (b. 51 ) violin, hurdy-gurdy, song, percussion, wm. Poul Lendal is also known as the illustrator and lay-out man of folkmusic. Plays everything between heaven and earth. Also he is a composer and a organizer. Poul Lendal is known as the specialist within singing games for children and adults and he playes in Harpens Kraft and Skalbjerg Forever. Is coordinating the folk music department at Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense, Denmark.

Most of all, Lang Linken have allways been known as 'the living, right here and now, the dialogue, between artist and audience, the big joint pulse which makes a room shiver. Several albums, MC'es, and CDes have, however, also been made:

Fynboerne i det grønne hjørne LP1974
Thybal MC1985
Kærlighedstræet LP1987
Dronebåndet og Dronebogen MC and Book1991
To-rader på Dansk CD, MC and Book1993
Lang Linken Mini-CD and MC1996
Lyst CD1997
Vingården (The Wineyard) Morten A. Høirup CD1998

Today Lang Linken are the Danish folkmusic-group who carry most experience. The experience is to be used and will be used. In the future Lang Linken with their musical arms will embrace all arrangement like balls, concerts, musical lectures, singing games, workshops, lessons or combinations of these mentioned.

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