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Neil Brophy

Neil, now based in Denmark, has had a  succesfull solo career throughout Scandinavia, Northern Europe, England & Ireland.

In 1997, when in NZ, he teamed up with David Fountain, an energetic fiddler, who plays his own unique style of electric fiddle and great showmanship. They have built up a big following on the pub & festival- scene over the past few years, both in Scandinavia, and in NZ, where they are one of the only bands to be sponsored by Guinness Breweries.

To complete the band, they have Australian bass-player Robert Colby (now living in Denmark) and Danish drummer Espen Suell from Skagen, who both joined the band in  the summer of '99...

Their music is contemporary, and has a celtic folk-rock-feel to it with their own predominant style. Most of Neil's songs have a story to them, with catchy melodies, anthemic chorus' and lifting rhythms. When blended with Dave's electric fiddle and footstomping jigs and their three-piece harmonies, the band have a full sound and can fire out some great crowd-rockers along with some soothing ballads.

..they show professionalism throughout.They create a great athmosphere with their music and Neil's demanding interaction with the crowd.

The athletic and theatrical Fiddler is on his Hoof and jigs on the spot to his energetic style of playing, and the band rock with him.

They are guaranteed to get the audience up dancing and involve them throughout their evening show, which is where they excell.


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