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Phønix is now a well-established band in the Danish folk music scene, and has played concerts at countless clubs and festivals both in Denmark and most of Europe.

Phønix's music is characterised by its intensity and enthusiasm, and it's respect for tradition is balanced and challenged by a drive for originality.

With a unique instrumentation some new tunes, texts taken from the great Scandinavian folk tradition, and last but not least, complex and original arrangements, Phønix is doing it's bit to rejuvenate and continue the Danish folk music tradition.

The Bandmembers:

Karen Mose: vokal
Karen interprets the traditional songs and poems of Denmark with insight and nerve. Karen grew up in the village Tommerup on the island of Fünen and was taught to sing folk songs by her mother from a very early age. Today Karen is living in Odense, where she attends the Carl Nielsen academy of music, studying singing and folk music. Since 1999 she has appeared with Lang Linken, Dudelidej and Stafivia.

Jesper Falch: percussion
Jesper provides a steady and swinging basis with his congas. His playing supports melody as well as accompaniment and ties the music together in a very convincing manner. In June 2000 he graduated from Center for Rhythmic Music and Movement in Silkeborg. Then he supplied his studies with a diplom at the Royal Music Academy in Copenhagen. He now works as a freelance Musician and Music teacher He is also known from Baltinget and the rockbands Hush and

Katja Mikkelsen: recorder, flute and violin
Playing the recorder or the flute Katja provides the lyrical passages as soloist or lead player. Furthermore she has composed numerous tunes. She also plays in the folkrock band Fenja Menja and is very active in working with the association ROD for young folk musicians. Last but not least she was the only recorder player to graduate in 2002 from the Carl Nielsen Academy of music - folk music stream.

Jesper Vinther: Accordion
First and foremost Jesper plays the part of the accompanist in Phønix. With his pushy rhythms and daring chords he contributes to their unique sound. Jesper graduated in 2002 from the Carl Nielsen Academy of music - folk music stream, and is also known from his work in Dug, Ostinat Expressen, Baltinget and with violinist Kristine Heebøll.

Anja Præst:
With her bass clarinet Anja has cultivated a quite special sound of rhythmical ostinatos and thrilling bass lines. Anja graduated in 1998 from the Music Academy in Århus as a music teacher and from the Carl Nielsen Academy - folk music stream in 2002. Anja is also known from the bands Dug, Stafivia and Tek3

Phønix has among other places performed at:

Dranouter Folk Festival (B), Førde International Folkmusic Festival (N) and EBU Comtemporary Folk festival in Roznov (CZ)

Norway: Telemarkfestivalen in Bø. Belgium: Labadoux festival, Den Ekster (Dranouter), La Tentation (Bruxelles). Sweden: Norrsken, Gränsløstfestival, "Verden i Norden". Japan: Nagoya. Germany: Leipzig Tanzhausfest  Denmark: Tarm Festival, Skagen Festival, Strib Vinter Festival, Hagge's musicpub, Halkær Kro.

In 1996 Phønix won the Danish folkmusic-competition NEW-FOLK.



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