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TRADISH – Irish Music and beyond

Tradish is a new constellation, formed in 2008, although members have previously played together in Irish trad. band Moving Cloud.

Tradish play a repertoire that covers both traditional and self-written material, from songs centuries old to tunes written last week.  As part of the living tradition, TRADISH are interested in exploring ways to connect the old and the new, the past and the present, keeping the music fresh and alive.

A lifetime of playing in everything from small pub sessions to concert and festival performances has given Tradish the ability to not only satify the hardcore trad. crowd, but also to reach out to a wider audience who might not otherwise listen to traditional music.

Inspiration from deep vaults of the last millenium to the infinate potential of the new millenium, Tradish would like to take you on a musical journey through time.


John Pilkington: vocals, guitar, irish bouzouki
John Pilkington was born in Manchester, England. John became immersed in the vibrant Irish trad. session scene in England and Ireland since the early ‘80s. Adopting the nomadic life of a travelling troubadour, singing and playing both in America and around Europe allowed John to soak up first-hand a wide range of roots music from around the world. Blending these new influences with his love of Irish music, John brought all the threads together in what became known as “Tangled Roots Music”.
An album of self-penned songs, ”From my Point of You”, was recorded for the English label Making Waves and was enthusiastically received.
After settling in Denmark, John continued to develop his musical vision by forming the Atlantic Wave Band, playing countless concerts around Scandinavia and England, and releasing the album “Serious Hits”.
In the years 1995-2009, John returned to his trad. roots as lead singer and guitarist with Irish band Moving Cloud. After setting up his own “Tangled Roots Studio” in Ċrhus, Denmark, John has been involved in a variety of projects as both sound engineer and producer, including all of Moving Cloud’s albums. Working together with the iconic Irish producer Dónal Lunny in both Denmark and Japan, three albums were released: “Cuckanandy”, “Sweet Nyaa” and “Welcome: Who are you?”
Cuckanandy was nominated for for “Roots Album of the Year” at the Danish Music Awards.

Louise Ring Vangsgaard: violin, vocals
Louise first trained as a classical violinist as a child. However, since being bitten by the folk music bug as a teenager, Louise switched direction from “violin” to “fiddle”, and has spent the rest of her life immersing herself in both the Irish and Nordic musical traditions.
After studying at the “Centre for Rhythm and Music”, Louise was awarded a diploma from the Jyske Music Conservatory.
Her fiddle playing has developed not only from years of playing at sessions around Denmark and Ireland, but also as a member of Irish trad. band Moving Cloud, with whom Louise has played countless concerts both within Denmark and abroad. With Louise on board, Moving Cloud released their first two albums “Cuckanandy” and “Sweet Nyaa”.
Louise is also in demand as a studio musician, with a long list of collaborations. Most recents projects include concerts and recordings with the church- concert project “Prism” and musical storyteller Esben “Longknfe” Laursen.
Louise was also a member of the recently defunct “Instinkt”, a groundbreaking Nordic Roots/Fusion band, chosen as one of only 3 bands to represent Denmark in the music export project “Danish Roots”. Instinkt proceeded to record 2 albums with acclaimed Danish producer Finn Larsen. Both releases were awarded several prizes at the Danish Music Awards, including “Roots Album of the Year”.

Brian Woetmann: Irish bodhrán, percussion, vocals
Brian has been in demand as a percussionist and drummer over many years in a wide variety of musical contexts, but in recent years, as a member of both Stony Steps and Moving Cloud, Brian has become more and more focused on the rapidly evolving possibilities of the bodhrán (Irish frame drum).
Experience from other genres ranges from Jazz and Party Funk (with Ruby and Memories Jazz Quintet) to Danish/Rumanian Fusion (with Top Secret Fusion). Brian has also worked with the Ċlborg Theatre company in productions such as Dracula, and freelanced in many diverse projects including the Jesper Lundgċrd choir, Malthe and Co.,, Roland Utbult, Marianne Christensen (from “Stjerne for en Aften”) , Det Ganske Liile Bluesband and many more.
As a talented muliinstrumentalist, Brian has both composed, performed and produced all the material on his solo album of self-penned songs “One Way Path”, together with the single “Recall to Forget”.
In Tradish, Brian combines his wide experience with percussion instruments from other traditions (cajón, djembe and udu) with the traditional Irish bodhrán. The result is a unique rhythmic bedrock which is firmly rooted in the Irish tradition, but also able to push the music in new directions.


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