Gentleman Jim McIntosh and the Jazzaholics

Gentleman Jim McIntosh & the Jazzaholics


The 6-piece band was formed in 2007. Jim McIntosh had left the Phil Mason New Orleans All Stars earlier that year, and was persuaded to get a band together for a jazz club in the UK. He did this on the 7 July 2007, and it was supposed to be just for fun. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!) people seemed to like the band, and clubs and festivals wanted it. So, eventually Jim had to be a bit more serious about his group, and take more bookings and eventually hit the Continent, and, in, particular, Denmark.

The band has proved very popular at clubs, and has been well received at Silkeborg Jazz Festival, where it has appeared for three years running. Also, the band has played Gothenburg Jazz festival twice, and is performing at Dresden International Dixieland in May, 2013. The Jazzaholics play good, swinging, no nonsense Traditional jazz, with good showmanship, and plenty of humour, which is very important these days! A mixture of young (and not quite so young) musicians creates a good combination of experience, mixed with the energy of youth!

So, come along and enjoy this wonderful band. Sit back, relax, and let the boys take you on an unforgettable trip of jazz, humour, and, most important, all played from the heart.


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Riverboat Jazz Festival 2011 mit Gentleman Jim McIntosh video 1

Riverboat Jazz Festival 2011 mit Gentleman Jim McIntosh video 2

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