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new interpretation of Bach´s piano music


Poul Rosenbaum 

and bass player
Mads Vinding

have been inspired to play Bach together, a collaboration which present Bach‘s piano music in a new way.

We find ourselves in the cross-over between classical music and jazz where division into specific styles is of no interest and limited. The programs comprise many pieces, longer and shorter, Preludes, Partitas, Menuets, Italian   Concerto, and other compositions from the treasury of Bach.

JOHAN SEBASTIAN BACH - the giant of all composers - has been into all corners of the universe of music. His music belongs to the most durable of all times. Bach‘s music has been arranged for and played on innumerable different instruments during the years. Many musicians have been inspired to try out new ways of performing the music of Bach and occasionally Bach himself has not indicated precisely which instruments the music was meant for.

However, the admiration for the musical creative powers of Bach has grown constantly. Many of the compositions by Bach have both a rhythmic and a melodious impulse and intensity which has never been surpassed.

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