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Abad is Nasser Badran and Ahmad Sabah.

Together they play traditional oriental music on indian tablas and ney, an anciet Arabic flute.

Nasser Badran was born in Borj Al Barajne camp, Beirut, Lebanon in August 1965. Nasser’s Palestinian origin was to develop his life, a life which is rich in experiences, wildness and thirst for freedom. Ready to unleash his capacities, Nasser took the musical direction in the age of 12. He started studying flute at conservatoire, and stood on stage with adults shortly after. Nasser plays on a ney, an arabic flute known for its characteristic subtle sound.

Ahmad Sabah was born in Acre, a small town in the northern part of Palestine in 1968. He has played arabic drums since childhood and has made his experience playing other instruments too. Ahmad went to India for 6 months in 2005 and spent most of his time learning how to play the
indian tabla. He haas been living in Denmark for 17 years and has a wife and 2 children. He spents most of his free time either listening to or playing music.

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