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The Middle East Peace Orchestra

The Middle East Peace Orchestra

is a unique collaboration between various ethnic groups of musicians, all connected to the Middle East, playing concerts for peace. Initiated in 2003 by Henrik Chaim Goldschmidt, the principal oboist of The Royal Danish Orchestra, the orchestra is build up with Arab and Jewish musicians playing the treasure of music from both the great traditions.

The musicians come from Denmark, Sweden, USA and from Lebanon. The music performed has elements from Jewish "Klezmer", from Middle Eastern "Makam" and from the classical Arab music. The musicians are all hand-picked virtuosos representing the best of their tradition and furthermore they have the courage to engage in this project.

The Orchestra has been received with the greatest enthusiasm from both audience and press, since the very first concert in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, October 2003. In January 2004 the Orchestra makes its European Premier with 7 concerts in Scandinavia. At the present moment the public interest is huge. A Swedish Film Company "CINergy Film" is making a full documentary about the project. The Danish National Radio and Television is covering the performances in Denmark. The Danish Foreign Minister and the Minister for Integration have both written letters with good wishes for the orchestras future and will - hopefully - be attending the concerts. Invitations have been given from Israel to host the Orchestra at numerous prestigious events in the fall of 2004

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